The Authors... ACADIAN HOUSE PUBLISHING, located in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a publisher of non-fiction titles that cover a wide range of subjects, both historical and contemporary. These include biographies and histories, as well as books dealing with psychology, philosophy, theology, business and sports. The books are distributed throughout Louisiana, as well as nationally and internationally.

  • Acadian House Publishing Authors

General Russel Honoré ~ Coach Dale Brown ~ Camille Claibourne
Dr. Ashley Montagu ~ Chad Judice ~ Trent Angers
Sam King ~ Jeff Duncan ~ Dr. Francis Vanderwall
Marcelle Bienvenu ~ Rev. Frank Coco, S.J. ~ Nancy Camel

The Books... Acadian House began in 1979 as a regional book publisher specializing primarily in Louisiana-related titles, with particular emphasis on the state’s history, heritage, food and culture.

  • Acadian House Publishing Books

Leadership in the New Normal ~ Getting Over the 4 Hurdles of Life ~ Dying in God’s Hands
The Elephant Man~ Waiting for Eli ~The Forgotten Hero of My Lai
Tiger Beat ~ From Bags to Riches ~ Freedom From Fear
Who’s Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make a Roux?
Blessed Be Jazz ~ The Nature of Things at Lake Martin

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Recommended items

Author: Trent Angers, Don Allen, Patricia Gannon, Jefferson Hennessy
The Terrible Storms of 2005: Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita

Price: $17.95
Author: General Russel Honoré
ISBN: 9780925417817
Leadership In The New Normal

Price: $16.95
Author: Coach Dale Brown
ISBN: 978-0-925417-72-5
Getting Over the 4 Hurdles of Life

Price: $17.95
Author: Camille Claibourne
ISBN: 978-0-925417-96-1
Purses & Shoes For Sale

Price: $17.95
Author: Camille Claibourne
ISBN: 978-0-925417-64-0
Dying In God’s Hands

Price: $16.95
Author: Dr. Ashley Montagu
ISBN: 978-0-925417-17-6
The Elephant Man

Price: $14.95
Author: Chad Judice
ISBN: 978-0-925417-65-7
Waiting For Eli

Price: $16.95
Author: Trent Angers
ISBN: 978-0-925417-90-9
The Forgotten Hero of My Lai - Revised Edition

Price: $22.95
Author: Sam King     
ISBN: 978-0-925417-85-5
Tiger Beat

Price: $22.95
Author: Jeff Duncan    
ISBN: 978-0-925417-68-8
From Bags to Riches

Price: $24.95
Author: Dr. Francis Vanderwall
ISBN: 978-0-925417-56-5
Freedom from Fear

Price: $12.95
Author: Marcelle Bienvenu
ISBN: 978-0-925417-55-8
Who’s Your Mama, Are You Catholic & Can You Make A Roux? [Book 1]

Price: $22.95
Author: Rev. Frank Coco, SJ
ISBN: 978-0-925417-89-3
Blessed Be Jazz

Price: $19.95
Author: Nancy Camel
ISBN: 978-0-925417-54-1
The Nature of Things at Lake Martin

Price: $44.95
Author: Trent Angers
ISBN: 0-925417-88-2
An Airboat on the Streets of New Orleans

Price: $16.95
Author: Ronnie Olivier
ISBN: 978-0-925417-93-0
Louisiana Sugarcane Pictorial

Price: $34.95
Author: Trent Angers
ISBN: 978-0-925417-29-9
The Truth About the Cajuns

Price: $14.95