Acadian House Publishing began in 1979 as a regional book publisher specializing primarily in Louisiana-related titles, with particular emphasis on the state's history, heritage, food and culture.

In addition to publishing Louisiana regional titles, the company today publishes a wide range of non-fiction titles for national and international consumption, including histories and biographies as well as motivational/inspirational books and cookbooks and those dealing with psychology, philosophy, theology, business and sports.

Our company is operated by professional people

with degrees in their respective fields: journalism, graphic arts, English, and accounting. We've won first place in national book competitions in sports, biographies, and art, and our publisher, also an author and journalist, was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize in Literature (2000 and 2001).

We've been editing and publishing books for over 40 years

Our books range from internationally famous titles ("The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity" and "The Forgotten Hero of My Lai") to heartwarming autobiographies ("Quest of the Derrickman's Daughter" and "Blessed Be Jazz," and "Infused: My Story of Cancer, Hope and Love.")