John Wijngaards

JOHN WIJNGAARDS began campaigning for the ordination of women in 1975. Since then he has built up a wealth of evidence that proves convincingly that there are no valid theological objections to admitting women to holy orders.

    Wijngaards is a prolific author. His 35 books deal mainly with spirituality, biblical theology, adult catechesis and church reform. His best known publications are Background to the Gospels (1970 – ten reprints), Did Christ Rule Out Women Priests? (1977), Experiencing Jesus (1981), Inheriting the Master’s Cloak (1985), God Within Us (1988), How to Make Sense of God (1995), The Ordination of Women in the Catholic Church (2001), No Holy Orders for Women? The Ancient Women Deacons (2006), and What They Don’t Teach You in Catholic College (2021).

    He created, the largest international online library on the ordination of women, with 6500+ historical documents and introductions in 25 languages.

    Among the rewards he received for his productions are the Grand Prix (Warsaw Film Festival 1995), the Columbus Award (Columbus 1996), the Marga Klompe Award (Amsterdam 2005) the Christians for Biblical Equality Lifetime Award (2021) and a Catholic Media Association Award (2022).

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